Committee on Ministry

"Committees on Ministry serve as pastor and counselor to the ministers of the presbytery, to facilitate the relations between congregations, ministers, and the presbytery, and to settle difficulties on behalf of presbytery when possible and expedient." Book of Order G-11.0501

Membership of the Committee on Ministry


Policies & Guidelines of the Committee on Ministry

Policy 01 - Criteria for Reception of PCUSA Ministers into the Presbytery of Greater Atlanta
Policy 02 - Criteria for Determining the Validation of Non-Parish Ministries
Application to Validate the Ministry of an Ordained Person
Application to Validate the Ministry of Person Seeking Ordination
Annual Report and Request for Revalidation of Ministry
Annual Report For Minister Members At Large
Annual Report For Honorably Retired Ministers
Policy 03 - Ethical Guidelines Governing the Relationship Between Pastors and their Former Congregations (Additional resource: Holding On and Letting Go)
Policy 04 - Protocol for Exit Interview
Policy 05 - Interim Pastors
Policy 06 - The Examination for Suitability of the Match Between a New Pastor and Calling Church
Policy 07 - Request for Re-Examination for Reception
Policy 08 - Examination and Reception of Honorably Retired Clergy
Policy 09 - Commissioned Ruling Elder Status
Policy 10 - Pastor Search Considerations
Policy 11 - Installation and Ordination of Teaching Elder Service Offerings
Policy 12 - Minimum Compensation Standards
Policy 13 - Review of Annual Terms of Call for Installed Clergy
Policy 14 - Pastoral Designations
Policy 14 Tool for Contract Call Process
Policy 15 - First Call Pastors Program
Policy 15 Procedural Supplement
Support for First Call Pastors Program
Policy 16 - Required Boundaries Training
Policy 17 - Crimal Background Checks for Clergy Received into the Presbytery of Greater Atlanta
Policy 18 - Administrative Leave for CoPastors who are Spouses
Policy 19 - Policy on Preventing and Responding to Sexual Misconduct
Policy 20 - Family and Emergency Leave
Policy 21 - Interpretation of G-2.0509
Policy 22 - Child and Youth Protection Policy
Policy 23 - Congregational Engrafting
Policy 24 - Pastors and Students from other denominations serving our congregations (under revision)
Policy 25 - Policy on Churches Desiring to Relocate

Guideline 01 - Sabbatical Leave
Guideline 02 - Parental Leave
Guideline 03 - Suggested Minimum Pulpit Supply and other Pastoral Services
Guideline 04 - Dissolution of Pastoral Relationships
Guideline 05 - Contract Call Pastors

Annual Compensation Report Form

2014 Annual Compensation Report Form

Programs of COM

Boundaries Training

Church Leadership Connection - Visit to download/fill out online MIF & PIF forms (links will be in a box on the left).

Care of Church Professionals

First Call Pastors Program

Pastor-to-Pastor Team

Transition Team