Care of Church Professionals


Pastors who participated in the Boundaries Training our presbytery provided in 2015 consistently asked for other avenues of support – particularly a list of counselors and therapists. The Board of Pensions Healthcare plan covers the expense of these providers with some limitations. We encourage your Pastor Selfcare Laison to work with your staff to pursue these options.

For a list of recommended counselors, please contact Pastor-to-Pastor Coordinator, Jane Hubbard at jhubbard@atlpcusa.org.

For a list of Spiritual Directors, please contact Diane Duane at duane.t@comcast.net.

We also encourage pastors to create their own partnerships with their peers.

  • Pastors may partner with one another to meet monthly for a meal, study, fellowship, and to hold one another accountable for self-care practices such as prayer, meditation, and exercise. (This partnership should not replace the currently offered Clergy Cluster luncheons, but rather it should be a more personal and in-depth accountability relationship.)

  • Pastors may form their own cohort based on common interest and seek out a leader to design a program to meet their needs.

There are a variety of organizations in the Atlanta area that may provide additional self-care support to pastors. Recommendations:

Macedonian Ministry - www.macedonianministry.org

Mary and Martha’s Place - www.maryandmarthasplace.com

Ignatius House - www.ignatiushouse.org

Monastery of the Holy Spirit, Conyers, GA - www.trappist.net/plan-your-visit

Other Free Resources

Guided Meditations

UCSD Center for Mindfulness - health.ucsd.edu/specialties/mindfulness/programs/mbsr/Pages/audio.asp