Committee on Preparation for MInistry

 Section 1 - Rosters

Committee Roster 
Sub-committee List

Section 2 - CPM Liaison Resources

Role of CPM Liaison
Practical recommendations
Annual Consultation Interview Guidelines
Scholarship Information Letter
Scholarship Application

Section 3 - The Path to Ordained Ministry

• Birdseye view & Checklist
Inquirer Phase
Candidacy Phase
Final Assessment

Section 4 - Forms, Applications, Recommendations, Reports

Subcommittee Report Form
Assessing Inquirers and Candidates
Scholarship information / application
CPM Reference Check
Presbytery of Greater Atlanta CPM Checklist
Presbytery of Greater Atlanta Inquirer/Candidate Checklist

Becoming an Inquirer

• Form 1A — Application to be Enrolled by Presbytery as an Inquirer
• Form 1B — Questions for Reflection
• Form 1C — Financial Planning for Theological Education
• Form 1D — Session Evaluation and Recommendation
Form 2A — Report on Consultation to Become an Inquirer
Form 2B — Covenant Agreement and Inquirer Release
Form 2C — Report of Initial Consultation
Ministry Assessment

Annual Consultation

• See Policy #3, below
PGA Annual Consultation Form

Becoming a Candidate

Form 5A — Application to be Enrolled by Presbytery as a Candidate
Candidacy Application Essay Questions, "Outcomes of Inquiry"
Form 5B — Session recommendation for Enrollment as Candidate
Form 5C — Report of Consultation to become a Candidate
Form 5D — Covenant Agreement and Candidate Release

Final Assessment and Beyond

• See Policy #12, below
Form 6 — Summary Report of Final Assessment
Form 7A— Changing an Inquirer's or Candidate's Relationship of Care

Section 5 - Session Orientation

• Requirement: See Policy #8, Below
Sample Script
Sample PowerPoint Presentation
Sample Handout
Role of the Session Liaison

Section 6 - CPM Policies

Policy #1— Policy for Inquirers and Candidates not moving forward in the process
Form — Request to Continue as a Candidate
Policy #2 — Policy on Ordination Offering
Policy #3 — Policy on Annual Consultations
Policy #4 — Policy on Education Requirements
Policy #5 — Policy on Ordination Examinations
Policy #6 — Policy on Personal Statement of Faith
Policy #7 — Policy on Transfer of Inquirers and Candidates
Policy #7b — Policy on Transfer of Enrollee
Policy #8 — Policy on Requirement for Session Orientation
Policy #9 — Policy on Travel Reimbursement
Policy #10 — Policy on Remote Interviews
Policy #11— Policy on Committee on Preparation (CPM) Meeting Attendance
Policy #12 — Policy on Final Assessment Requirements
Policy #13 — Candidacy Documentation, Essay Questions

Section 7 - Other resources

Glossary / Key words
PCUSA Advisory Handbook for Preparation for Ministry
Handbook on Ordination Exams